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This document is to request the services of : Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners in the coordination and creation of an incorporation plan suitable for: estate planning, offshore asset protection planning, charitable funding, international trade, or other enterprise,after seeking professional advice through third parties: 

1)     The undersigned hereby declares and covenants that they are not engaged in any criminal financial activity, such as money laundering or terrorist funding. All funds contemplated for use are good, clear, unencumbered funds, derived from lawful business or personal resources. 

2)      The undersigned agrees that Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners has not rendered, offered, or implied any legal, taxation or investment advice, outside of corporate formation. It is agreed that the undersigned has had sufficient time to obtain independent legal, tax, and/or financial counsel. An emailed copy of this agreement is binding. 

3)      The client agrees to be solely responsible for keeping their entity compliant with international and domestic regulations, and covenant to indemnify and hold Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners ,its contractors, agents or workers, harmless from any and all actions. Delivery of fax or digital copies of this page are binding until replaced by a signed original. This is a sealed instrument for valuable consideration.

             Dated this day the ______ , of ________________ 2018.

             Client Signed, ___________________________________

             Print Name, _____________________________________ 

             Email,  _________________________________________ 

             Phone, _________________________________________ 

Sign, then mail this signed Letter of Request for Services to: 

Carthagena Management Ltd , Cooper House,Lower Charlton Estate 5,

Shepton Mallet,Somerset, BA4 5QE

United Kingdom


or by email at : info@carthagenamanagement.com 


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