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Ideal for INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY /MERGING/REAL ESTATE and SHIPPING COMPANIES -Lux Flag or SOPARFI (participation in other EU/US or overseas companies)

The minimum paid up capital in a Luxemburg SA ,Soparfi or holding Company with shares to bear is 32.000 euro (1/4 deposit,freed -up to start).

One shareholder can be a private person,while it is possible to use a Limited Company,IBC or an LLC as the other shareholder.

The constitution Act is acted by a Luxemburg Notary,usualy in the Fiduciairy's office.

Transferring of shares after constitution and change of directors a notary is not obliged. A S.A. company can be a regular (working) company or the well known I. PROPERTY COMPANY if merged with an OFFSHORE COMPANY


Select ,Type of LUXEMBURG COMPANY S.A. : Company 1 Administrator and 1 Shareholder   

1.     Social Capital Euro 32.000 freed and paid up at 25% (Euro 8.000)

2.     BEARER Shares(anonymous)

3.     Working tool :    

Transferring of any kind of Risk or Asset which will became this way a Bond.

The Price for the buying or take over of the Risk or Assets can be lower than the value of the Risk or Activa , as there can be a substantial risk of insolvability par example.

Following assets,can be structured :


-all kind of Financial Liabilities (Loans) and  Intellectual Assets,

-Fixed Assets ( including property,building,shops,..)

-a real estate Project

-a Licence,Know-how patent,Surgical Method p.ex

-Commercial Debts, (Invoices Debtors for example)

-Loans and Credits

Transfer of Estate in favour of the Luxemburg Company.

The charges of the Transfer are 0% .(Registration Rights) -This way the Estate will be transformed to a series of Bonds -Interesting for a Patrimony who will be Securitized into Bonds at Bearer,thus Anonymous

-Situations of divorces.

-Situations of succession and Inheritances

-Situations of attracting Investors

Financial status:

The income that the Company will receive are redistributed as emitted Bonds at Bearer.No withholding will be paid on the interest, royalties or payments done to the Holders of the Bonds at Bearer


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