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Legal Disclaimer CARTHAGENA Management Ltd.

As we are Incorporation Consultants,we intend not to offer any kind of legal, tax, or other advice.
Our Company does not assume legal liability for the reliance by any person on any information contained in this website.

Nothing in this website shall be construed as, nor intended to be, the solicitation, promotion, advertisement or sale of securities.

As each individual has own circumstances,your case can vary  and differ re tax and other laws.

If you require any specific information relating to your personal circumstances,please contact us.

For special services,we would be able to refer you to our Network of Chartered Accountants,Tax Advisors and Business Lawyers we are working with around the world. For UK Corporations,we strictly follows,through our Partners the regulations of the Money laundering,stipulated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales.See,their website for more info : http://www.icaew.com 

As we recommand our clients to banks in different countries for complimentary services,we ask each client to certify in a personal statement that their funds are not coming from  a criminal origin such as money-laundering or terrorism activities. 

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