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Delaware Company Registration & Offshore Company Incorporations with telephone Service.

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Prices full e- package just only 1,299$, all-in package :set-up State Filings,Registered Agent 1 year,mail forwarding (60 pieces),Telephone answering (provision apply),E-mail domain webaddress,a Certified Copy with Apostille,EIN number + CD ROM with a lot of contracts,rent an office,employ someone,lease contract,..

What to know - How  to use - Guidelines


A complete startup e-package for a Delaware Corporation is now available.

One person is enough to incorporate a company.
This fee includes: 

  • State filing fees,
  • Registered agent service 1 year for LLCs, 
  • A Certified copy with Apostille (with gold seal), - you need this to open a bank account,
  • CD -Rom containing contracts,renting,lease,hire,annual meetings,general meetings,shareholders lists,...
  • Our service fee.


  • deluxe corporate kit (which includes the corporate seal, bylaws, stock certificates, stock transfer ledger and corporate minutes)
  • courier delivery of your documents and kit by Airborne Express

Delaware corporations are formed within 12 hours of receipt of payment and we receive the documents from the state in 1/2 weeks. With expedited service, we will receive all documents in 2/3 business days.

  • Mail forwarding
  • Reception of parcels and packages possible
  • Phone/Fax forwarding to email ,service
  • Tax ID (EIN) Required if you will want a US bank account.

The state fee is due in the first year after the incorporation. We usually file new companies with 1500 shares, to qualify for minimum state tax of $60. 

For countries where apostille is not available, because are not part of Hague Convention number 12: Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, the documents can be authenticated by the customer county's consulate or embassy.

(The list for this specific convention is at  http://www.hcch.net/index_en.php )

The documents would need to be first notarized, then certified by the State of Delaware, then authenticated by the US Department of State and then sent to the consulate for authentication. 
The cost per document would be $350, which would include the fee to the Embassy. 
We do not advise you to open a bank account in US.
A company can have the bank account anywhere else

If you open a bank acc in US , you will need to get the EIN, which imply you will need to file accounting records.
Our standard incorporation service includes preparation and filing of the Articles or Certificate of Incorporation with the State of Incorporation and paying the State Filing fees and any county fees or publishing required.


  • Registered Agent Services in all 50 States - If you need a registered agent ( a physical address within the State of Incorporation for service of process),   
  • Foreign Qualifications
  • Amendments
  • Dissolutions
  • Document Retrieval
  • UCC Searches
  • Preparation of IRS form SS4 to obtain a Federal   Identification Number - 
  • If you need the EIN, you need to fill a form.Ask us on : us@carthagenamanagement.com
  • You can not use our address for mail forwarding service.
    Preparation of IRS form 2553 "S" corporation elections 
  • Authentication and legalization of documents for use in other countries
  • Mail and fax-forwarding
  • Nominee directors
  • Change of name of a company,possible.

Differences between  LLC and LTD:

  • Ltd have SHAREHOLDERS as owners, LLC have MEMBERS
    Ltd have DIRECTORS, LLC have MANAGERS.
    These names will be in the POA, and they operate the accounts.
    Annual STATE tax for LTD id $60 and for LLC is $200
    In the annual state tax form for an LTD you must fill:
    director name and address,principal place of business outside of Delaware,Nature of business,and director must sign.
    The LLC form does not need to be filled or submitted.
    (that's a major advantage for privacy protection) 
    Key issues you should know:


  • Delaware is considered the most attractive state in the nation for organizing.
  • Delaware courts have a reputation of reaching reasonable and fair conclusions when construing the corporation laws.
  • Only one incorporator is required. A corporation may be the incorporator.
  • There is no minimum capital requirement.
  • The franchise tax compares favorably with that of other states (usually $30/year).
  • For companies doing business outside of Delaware, there is no corporation income tax.
  • Delaware has no sales tax, personal property tax or intangible property tax on corporations.
  • No taxation upon shares of stock held by non-residents and no inheritance tax upon non-resident holders.
  • A corporation may keep all of its books and records outside of Delaware.
  • You may have a principal place of business/address outside of the State of Delaware as well.
  • Regarding the Federal taxes: if you are US citizen or US resident (US taxpayer) and you file taxes in the US, a LLC is treated as a partnership and is not subject to corporate income tax.
  • Any profits or losses are passed through to the members of the LLC to report on their personal income tax.


Delaware has a reputation as a corporate haven and has aggressively protected its stature as the incorporating capital of the United States. As a result, many of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States are incorporated in Delaware. They went to Delaware to protect the interests of their stockholders, directors, officers, and the corporation itself.  More than 230,000 companies are incorporated in Delaware, which leads the nation as a major corporate domicile for American and international corporations.
Each day, over 130 new companies file incorporation papers in Delaware.
Delaware's corporation law is written to protect the rights of shareholders of the public corporations that are the standard-bearers in the Delaware corporation system. The emphasis is placed on shareholder protections to attract the large, public companies that trade shares in the various exchanges across the country. Its laws regarding corporate takeovers are the most sophisticated in the entire world. There is established legal precedent for any conceivable corporate situation.
It is a stable legal environment for many public companies to use as their base.
Our opinion:
In a country were money dictates over politics, there are NO chances that offshore benefits will EVER be cancelled (compared for example with Channel Islands where pressure mounts against offshore benefits).

With Special Thanks to our Delaware Partner.

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